There is no sexual addiction

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t such thing as sexual addiction. Medics don’t use such term. It’s rather a popular name for hypersexuality. A layman associates the term addiction with alcohol and drug abusers. However, people who like sex and change sexual partners frequently are ruled by different mechanisms. There was an experiment that proved it. The participants – people with a hypersexuality syndrome – were shown sex-related pictures. Their reactions were different from those alcoholics had to the pictures with booze. Check out for more facts about sex and relationships.

Materializing a Dream

I always dreamt of dating a girl from Slavic country. When I saw their pictures I understood that I’ve never seen such a beauty in my life. No matter which Slavic country the girl is from, she will be beautiful. Although their appearances differ from country to country, they all look stunning. I found myself suffocating without trying to materialize my dream. So, I decided to register on dating site to start dating one of those charming Slavic women. As soon as I logged in, I understood that I’m going to have the hardest time in my life. I came to find my own special lady, but that beauty makes you blind. It is really hard to concentrate on one girl. You want to chat with each and every of thousands of the girls there.